FYF Membership

FYF, The Association for Surface Chemistry Research is YKI's non-profit industrial members' association.

The member companies in FYF, The Association for Surface Chemistry Research, are YKI’s most important clients and industrial partners. YKI membership involves many benefits and forms the basis for a close and productive YKI-client relationship.


About FYF

FYF prime objectives are to promote technical and scientific research and to disseminate information within the field of applied surface chemistry in industry.» Read more...

YKI Member Site

Here you get member-exclusive access to YKI R&I Portfolio and YKI Academy courses and the latest up-to-date research.» Read more...

Member Days

Member Days is an annual conference and meeting place in applied surface and colloid chemistry, open exclusively to YKI member companies.» Read more...

For more information:

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